Papaelias Constructions started...

...its activity in 1975 and soon it was established as one of the most innovative greek companies in prefabrication.

Since our first day in this market we had the following characteristics and advantages. These are what is keeping us on the top until this day:

innovation our continuous research

evolution and implementation of technological innovations, such as our prefab concrete structures implemented first in 1994 and our constructed building blocks ThermoPak that we developed and use up to now.

reliability our trustworthy

confirmed by more than 10.000 residencies delivered until today and by these happy residents. And not only from that, but also from...

evolution our ongoing evolution

and the integration of high standard materials in our production processes as well as adoption to new features.

The second generation of Papaelias constructions, equipped with these characteristics, keeps on constructing your residencies and your structures:

The house is designed based on your initial draft design of it - the construction will adjust to your needs! Then we build it methodically and fast and we always keep up to your expectations!
We use our knowledge in building materials and our many years of experience in the market of construction to go beyond the basic limitations of prefabrication. (As one of the very first companies approved by the Ministry of Regional Planning, Building and urban development for our three-storey prefab residencies!)
Our buildings are smart, built with new techniques and innovative building and insulation materials. We use our own innovative heavy type ThermoPak building blocks being the best choice, these are increasing the energy efficiency of our buildings with low construction costs (30% less than a conventional building !) and are excellent for energy saving as well (cooling/heating).
We can construct your new house using modern equipment and providing solutions of quality and functionality (frames, plumbing, house wiring etc.) in collaboration with our carefully selected external partners.
Our innovative building and insulation materials, being a top choice among our innovative heavy type ThermoPak, ensure a modern construction without being affected by extreme or catastrophic phenomena such as earthquake and fire.

Our team (all specialized engineers and technicians) will be at your disposal every day to guide you in the exhibition of our modern and private facilities and to discuss with you the way, the time and the cost of creating your own modern, functional and energy self-sufficient housing.

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