We build the house of your dreams!

Smart constructions,

smart in their design!

We will listen to you, we will discuss, then we start building! This is the order of making things that we always keep! Our business is not only about the house, but also for the human relationships and the trust we built with you!

A smart house starts to be built with... questions.

In which area will it be built? What is the plot and what are its dimensions? Its shape? How big do we want our house? With how many rooms? With which and how big secondary spaces? What about the view; Free spaces? Verandas? Garden? Heating? Cooling?

We will ask you all these questions and many more in our first meetings, in order to understand which are your needs, how these will reflect in a design, how we will offer you exactly what you need and give you the house of your dreams!

Yes! First we listen, then we talk!

Then, we will discuss the cost, we will prepare our proposition, adjusted to your space and circumstances, using a completely functional and green energetic structure.

At the end, we will discuss when this smart plan can become your smart house, how, with what cost and with which alternative ways of funding, in order to be at the end a smart and right new house for you!

Smart constructions,

smart innovative materials!

The Papaelias Constructions provides the most advanced construction systems using new technology materials.

Will adjust to your needs

This way we are fast (how else would we build your house in less than 150 days) and we offer a cost saving construction. (30% lower cost than another conventional company - less spent on cooling and heating!)

Will respond to the constructions needs

These new technology materials will allow you to build your house, your way, avoiding the standard prefab limitations or the conventional choices of another manufacturer.

Will have quality as our top priority

Our houses are made to be environment friendly but they are built in such a way to prevent the growth of microorganisms and repel rodents, and ensure twice the strength, durability and seismicity of conventional constructions.

The Smart material

The Smart material is the innovative heavy type building block ThermoPak, an innovation of our company and an ideal choice for exterior masonry in the buildings we build. A "smart" material because it builds solid, durable life time constructions.

Smart constructions,

energy efficient costs!

Up to 60% energy cost-savings compared to conventional constructions! Smart!

A house with the least possible energy consumption? Smart!

Cost-saving structures in your house life is not only smart, it is common sense: A contemporary plan of the house is a priority for a smart modern house, use of the most energetic options and have the least possible consumption of energy for cooling and heating.

We do have this common sense mindset as Papaelias constructions all these years that we are in the market. Our constructive philosophy is to develop and apply technologies that will allow you to have a stable temperature and not be affected by climatic events (cold-heat).

Innovative constructive building blocks heave type ThermoPak

What represents our philosophy is the innovative heavy type building blocks ThermoPak which is the innovation of our company. A hybrid material, that on the one hand provides a unique energetically design for our buildings (fully compatible with the Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings), and on the other hand, among its other advantages, equips them with "smart" energy: its very low coefficient of thermal permeability (U 0.28), translated into excellent thermal and sound insulation of buildings.

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