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What we sign, we implement! We are one of the oldest companies worldwide with more than 45 years of experience. We build prefabricated houses consistently and methodically. We build more than 10,000 prefab houses with as many happy customers. Maybe someone is your neighbor!

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We first introduced a new prefab technology that used cement in 1994. First of all, we presented the Thermopak Heavy-Duty Block, which we have developed with innovative materials. Thermopak ensures robustness and excellent energy performance (saving cooling and heating).

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We value your home from day one! We design it together functionally and energy-efficient, customized to your needs. Our prefabricated houses cost less than conventional construction of - 30%. We build with the highest standards of quality and safety.

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We listen

We are talking about the house you want to build and find the right solutions for your needs.


We plan

We implement the architectural proposal customized to your location with a fully functional and energy-efficient design.


We build

We build with the highest quality and safety standards at 30% cheaper than a conventional construction!

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cost per square meter?

    The final cost depends on many factors, such as the materials you choose, the equipment and the stage of construction. As an indication, we can mention that the cost at the construction stage where the concretes have been completed together with the masonry is 600€ per square meter. Beyond this cost it all depends on the choices you make as mentioned above.
  • What is the cost of the house in the photo?

    This question needs a more complex answer than you may imagine. A house designed and built for another owner has specific materials selected upon that owner's requirements and needs. These materials that define the cost may not match your specifications or where you would like to implement your construction.
  • Are the prefabricated houses you are constructing heavy duty?

    Prefabricated houses have now evolved and our company has a NEW and innovative way of building. The most important difference from conventional built houses, is the exterior masonry, which is differentiated because of the Thermoblock BSP that we have manufactured and use in our constructions. Thermoblock BSP has internal and external thermal facade, reinforced vertically and horizontally every 25 points, which provides us with 100% anti-seismicity, free design and low thermal transmittance compared to built houses.
  • What is the cost of transporting the house?

    There is no transportation cost to the heavy duty prefabricated houses that we manufacture. The building is erected on your property or plot of land and our crews work on your area. There may be additional costs if the mileage is far from our headquarters, due to the fact that accommodation and meals for the crews are charged.
  • How long does it take to complete a house to be populated?

    The delivery time is usually 5 - 12 months based on the building's squares after the building permit was issued and the platform is complete.
  • Can your company take charge of all the aspects of the construction of the house?

    Our company can complete all the steps to build your house, from design to construction. Using your topographic results, we may provide you with costs for the following:

    - Permit development
    - Base construction
    - House construction
    - Area setup
    - Surrounding area setup

    and any other need that arises during the study and planning of your home.
  • What is the payment method for the house?

    The budget's project and cost of building get provided in detail. A deposit is required to begin the work, and then you are obliged to pay off each construction phase after the completion.
  • What's the difference between a prefab and a conventional building house?

    The main difference of a prefab house is the masonry. The reason is our advanced technology and our innovative Thermopak BSP materials. Thermopak BSP provides double insulation (internal-external) with a resulting low thermal pass factor of 0.27, while in a conventional construction with a thermal front installed will be 0.47.
  • Is it possible to deliver the house in an incomplete construction stage?

    The house can be delivered to the desired construction stage by prior arrangement.
  • Can you construct a prefab in an existing build?

    Only in case a static study and the building's conditions allow it. If yes, a prefab will build on the terrace of the existing building by continuing from existing pillars or holdings with complete safety. The construction will be with Thermopak BSP and will have its thermal efficiency, whether or not there is on the existing build.

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